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-Assessing debris-flow hazard in a watershed in TaiwanLin, P.S.; 林炳森; Lin, J.Y.; Hung, J.C.; Yang, M.D.; 楊明德-
-Back-calculation of concrete pavement modulus using road-rater dataLin, P.S.; 林炳森; Wu, Y.T.; Juang, C.H.; Huang, T.K.-
-Characteristics of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 Films Prepared by Atmospheric Pressure Selenization of Cu-In-Ga Precursors Using Ditert-Butylselenide as Se SourceHsiao, S.Y.; Yang, P.C.; Ni, H.C.; Yen, K.Y.; Chiu, C.H.; Lin, P.S.; Chen, H.J.; Wu, C.H.; Liang, S.C.; Ni, G.Y.; Jih, F.W.; Chiang, C.D.; Gong, J.R.-
-Characterization of liquefaction resistance in gravelly soil: large hammer penetration test and shear wave velocity approachLin, P.S.; 林炳森; Chang, C.W.; Chang, W.J.-
-Cyclic Softening of Low-Plasticity Clay and its Effect on Seismic Foundation PerformanceChu, D.B.; Stewart, J.P.; Boulanger, R.W.; Lin, P.S.-
-Damage investigation and liquefaction potential analysis of gravelly soilLin, P.S.; 林炳森; Chang, C.W.-
-Documentation of soil conditions at liquefaction and non-liquefaction sites from 1999 Chi-Chi (Taiwan) earthquakeChu, D.B.; 林炳森; Stewart, J.P.; Lee, S.; Tsai, J.S.; Lin, P.S.; Chu, B.L.; Seed, R.B.; Hsu, S.C.; Yu, M.S.; Wang, M.C.H.; 褚炳麟-
-Estimation of sediment volume of debris flow caused by extreme rainfall in TaiwanChang, C.W.; 林炳森; Lin, P.S.; Tsai, C.L.-
-Experimental and theoretical characterization of the engineering behavior of bitumen mixed with mineral fillerChen, J.S.; Kuo, P.H.; Lin, P.S.; Huang, C.C.; Lin, K.Y.-
-Identification of Risk Factors of Coxiella burnetii (Q fever) Infection in Veterinary-Associated Populations in Southern TaiwanChang, C.C.; 張照勤; Lin, P.S.; Hou, M.Y.; Lin, C.C.; Hung, M.N.; Wu, T.M.; Shu, P.Y.; Shih, W.Y.; Lin, J.H.Y.; Chen, W.C.; Wu, H.S.; Lin, L.J.-
-Logistic regression model for evaluating soil liquefaction probability using CPT dataLai, S.Y.; 林炳森; Chang, W.J.; Lin, P.S.-
-Probabilistic sensitivity analysis for one-dimensional solute transportLin, P.S.; 林炳森; Chang, C.W.; Juang, C.H.-
-Probability of serviceability failure in a braced excavation in a spatially random field: Fuzzy finite element approachLuo, Z.; Atamturktur, S.; Juang, C.H.; Huang, H.W.; Lin, P.S.-
-Regression model for evaluating liquefaction potential by discriminant analysis of the SPT N valueLai, S.Y.; 林炳森; Lin, P.S.; Hsieh, M.J.; Jim, H.F.-
-Shear modulus and damping ratio characteristics of gravelly depositsLin, S.Y.; 林炳森; Lin, P.S.; Luo, H.S.; Juang, C.H.-
-Simplified cone penetration test-based method for evaluating liquefaction resistance of soilsJuang, C.H.; 林炳森; Yuan, H.M.; Lee, D.H.; Lin, P.S.-
-Subgrade reaction and load-settlement characteristics of gravelly cobble deposits by plate-load testsLin, P.S.; 林炳森; Yang, L.W.; Juang, C.H.-
-Terpinen-4-ol Induces Apoptosis in Human Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer In Vitro and In VivoWu, C.S.; Chen, Y.J.; Chen, J.J.W.; Shieh, J.J.; Huang, C.H.; Lin, P.S.; Chang, G.C.; Chang, J.T.; Lin, C.C.-
-Vertical capacity of piles using fuzzy setsElton, D.J.; 林炳森; Juang, C.H.; Lin, P.S.-