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-Computer aided dynamic analysis and simulation of multibody mechanical systems in AutoCADLin, S.T.; Lin, J.H.-
-Emodin enhances gefitinib-induced cytotoxicity via Rad51 downregulation and ERK1/2 inactivationChen, R.S.; 莊秀美; Jhan, J.Y.; Su, Y.J.; Lee, W.T.; Cheng, C.M.; Ciou, S.C.; Lin, S.T.; Chuang, S.M.; Ko, J.C.; Lin, Y.W.-
-Hierarchical fuzzy force control for industrial robotsLin, S.T.; Huang, A.K.-
-Improved Conversion Efficiency of GaN/InGaN Thin-Film Solar Cells洪瑞華; Horng, R.H.; Lin, S.T.; Tsai, Y.L.; Chu, M.T.; Liao, W.Y.; Wu, M.H.; Lin, R.M.; Lu, Y.C.-
-Intelligent control for the main fuel flow of the F-100 turbofan engineLin, S.T.; Yeh, L.W.-
-Intelligent control of the F-100 turbofan engine for full flight envelope operationLin, S.T.; Yeh, L.W.-
-Neural network force control for industrial robotsLin, S.T.; Tzeng, S.J.-
-Parameters selection for Baumgarte's constraint stabilization method using the predictor-corrector approachLin, S.T.; Huang, J.N.-
-Real-time dynamic simulation of single spool turbojet enginesLin, S.T.; Lu, J.H.; Hong, M.C.; Hsu, K.W.-
-Roles of MKK1/2-ERK1/2 and Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase-AKT Signaling Pathways in Erlotinib-Induced Rad51 Suppression and Cytotoxicity in Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer CellsKo, J.C.; 張嘉哲; Ciou, S.C.; Jhan, J.Y.; Cheng, C.M.; Su, Y.J.; Chuang, S.M.; Lin, S.T.; Chang, C.C.; Lin, Y.W.; 莊秀美-
-Stabilization method for numerical integration of multibody mechanical systemsLin, S.T.; Hong, M.C.-
-Stabilization method for the numerical integration of controlled multibody mechanical system: A hybrid integration approachLin, S.T.; Hong, M.C.-
-Stabilization of Baumgarte's method using the Runge-Kutta approachLin, S.T.; Huang, J.N.-