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-Hb J-Taichung in a Taiwanese subject: substitution of C to A at codon 129 of the beta-globin gene exon 3 regionShih, H.; Liu, S.; Chang, Y.; Lin, T.; Shih, M.; Peng, C.; Chang, T.; Chang, J.-
-Hb Phnom Penh in Taiwanese family: isoleucine ( Ile)-inserted between codons 117 and 118 of the alpha 1-globin geneShih, M.; Lin, T.; Liu, S.; Ho, M.; Lin, C.; Chang, T.; Peng, C.; Ho, C.; Shih, H.-
-Hb UBE-2 combined beta-thalassemia IVS2-NT654 INC -> T mutation observed in Taiwanese Hakka subjectHo, C.; Lin, T.; Liu, S.C.; Lin, C.; Peng, C.; Chang, T.; Chang, J.; Shih, M.; Shih, H.-
-Hb Westmead in a Taiwanese subject: detected by PCR and StuI restriction enzyme methodsLin, T.; Shih, H.; Liu, S.; Chiu, T.; Chang, Y.; Lin, C.; Chang, T.; Shih, M.; Peng, C.; Chang, J.-
-Improved in vitro development of OPU-derived bovine (Bos taurus) embryos by group culture with agarose-embedded helper embryosSenatore, E.M.; Xu, J.; Novoa, M.V.S.; Gong, G.; Lin, T.; Bella, A.; Moreno, J.F.; Mannino, M.E.; Tian, X.; Presicce, G.A.; Wu, S.C.; Du, F.-
-Overexpression of hepatocyte growth factor in alveolar type II cells and lung adenocarcinoma cells in patients with cigarette smoking habitChow, K.; 邱繡河; Chiou, S.; Chiang, S.; Lin, T.; Chen, C.-