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-Anomalous optical magnetic shift of self-assembled GaSb/GaAs quantum dotsLin, T.C.; Li, L.C.; Lin, S.D.; Suen, Y.W.; Lee, C.P.-
-Bioactive Saponin from Tea Seed Pomace with Inhibitory Effects against Rhizoctonia solaniKuo, P.C.; 黃振文; Lin, T.C.; Yang, C.W.; Lin, C.L.; Chen, G.F.; Huang, J.W.-
-Canopy CO2 concentrations and Crassulacean acid metabolism in Hoya carnosa in a subtropical rain forest in Taiwan: consideration of CO2 avallability and the evolution of CAM in epiphytesHsu, C.C.; Lin, T.C.; Chiou, W.L.; Lin, S.H.; Lin, K.C.; Martin, C.E.-
-Characterization of floating activity of indigenous diesel-assimilating bacterial isolatesLin, T.C.; 楊秋忠; Young, C.C.; Ho, M.J.; Yeh, M.S.; Chou, C.L.; Wei, Y.H.; Chang, J.S.-
-Clustered Genomic Alterations in Chromosome 7p Dictate Outcomes and Targeted Treatment Responses of Lung Adenocarcinoma With EGFR-Activating MutationsYuan, S.S.; Yu, S.L.; Chen, H.Y.; Hsu, Y.C.; Su, K.Y.; Chen, H.W.; Chen, C.Y.; Yu, C.J.; Shih, J.Y.; Chang, Y.L.; Cheng, C.L.; Hsu, C.P.; Hsia, J.Y.; Lin, C.Y.; Wu, G.N.; Liu, C.H.; Wang, C.D.; Yang, K.C.; Chen, Y.W.; Lai, Y.L.; Hsu, C.C.; Lin, T.C.; Yang-
-Comparing methods for identifying Bacillus strains capable of producing the antifungal lipopeptide iturin AHsieh, F.C.; 孟孟孝; Lin, T.C.; Meng, M.; Kao, S.S.-
-Detection of filamentous genus Gordonia in foam samples using genus-specific primers combined with PCR - denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis analysisShen, F.T.; 楊秋忠; Huang, H.R.; Arun, A.B.; Lu, H.L.; Lin, T.C.; Rekha, P.D.; Young, C.C.; 沈佛亭-
-Ecophysiological differences between sterile and fertile fronds of the subtropical epiphytic fern Pyrrosia lingua (Polypodiaceae) in TaiwanChiou, W.L.; Martin, C.E.; Lin, T.C.; Hsu, C.C.; Lin, S.H.; Lin, K.C.-
-Ecophysiology and plant size in a tropical epiphytic fern, Asplenium nidus, in TaiwanMartin, C.E.; Lin, T.C.; Hsu, C.C.; Lin, S.H.; Lin, K.C.; Hsia, Y.J.; Chiou, W.L.-
-Effects of crossed states on photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy of InAs quantum dotsShih, C.I.; 孫允武; Lin, C.H.; Lin, S.C.; Lin, T.C.; Sun, K.W.; Voskoboynikov, O.; Lee, C.P.; Suen, Y.W.-
-Electron delocalization of tensily strained GaAs quantum dots in GaSb matrixLin, T.C.; Wu, Y.H.; Li, L.C.; Sung, Y.T.; Lin, S.D.; Chang, L.; Suen, Y.W.; Lee, C.P.-
-Enhanced mannanase production by submerged culture of Aspergillus niger NCH-189 using defatted copra based mediaLin, T.C.; Chen, C.S.-
-Evaluation of the optimal strategy for ex situ bioremediation of diesel oil-contaminated soilLin, T.C.; 楊秋忠; Pan, P.T.; Young, C.C.; Chang, J.S.; Chang, T.C.; Cheng, S.S.-
-Field emission properties of carbon nanotube cathodes produced using composite platingWang, F.H.; 汪芳興; Lin, T.C.; Tzeng, S.D.; Chou, C.T.-
-A Guanidinium Ion-Based Anion- and Solvent Polarity-Controllable Molecular SwitchLin, T.C.; 賴建成; Lai, C.C.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Hydrocarbon degrading potential of bacteria isolated from oil-contaminated soilLin, T.C.; 楊秋忠; Shen, F.T.; Chang, J.S.; Young, C.C.; Arun, A.B.; Lin, S.Y.; Chen, T.L.; 沈佛亭-
-Identification and kinetic characteristics of an indigenous diesel-degrading Gordonia alkanivorans strainYoung, C.C.; 楊秋忠; Lin, T.C.; Yeh, M.S.; Shen, F.T.; Chang, J.S.; 沈佛亭-
-Immunomagnetic reduction assay on chloramphenicol extracted from shrimpYang, S.Y.; Ho, C.S.; Lee, C.L.; Shih, B.Y.; Horng, H.E.; Hong, C.Y.; Yang, H.C.; Chung, Y.H.; Chen, J.C.; Lin, T.C.-