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-Alanine racemase as a novel positive selectable marker for plant transformationThiruvengadam, V.; Chen, I.C.; Lin, W.D.; Hsu, W.H.-
-Analysis of urinary nucleosides as helper tumor markers in hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosisJeng, L.B.; 賴建成; Lo, W.Y.; Hsu, W.Y.; Lin, W.D.; Lin, C.T.; Lai, C.C.; Tsai, F.J.-
-Analysis of urinary nucleosides as potential tumor markers in human colorectal cancer by high performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometryHsu, W.Y.; 賴建成; Chen, W.T.L.; Lin, W.D.; Tsai, F.J.; Tsai, Y.; Lin, C.T.; Lo, W.Y.; Jeng, L.B.; Lai, C.C.-
-Asymmetrically Simultaneous Synthesis of L-Homophenylalanine and N-6-Protected-2-oxo-6-amino-hexanoic Acid by Engineered Escherichia coli Aspartate AminotransferaseLo, H.H.; Lin, W.D.; Hsu, S.K.; Hsu, W.H.-
-An automatic signature scheme using a compiler in distributed systemsLin, W.D.; Jan, J.K.-
-Biochemical characterization of two thymidylate synthases in Corynebacterium glutamicum NCHU 87078Kan, S.C.; 許文輝; Liu, J.S.; Hu, H.Y.; Chang, C.M.; Lin, W.D.; Wang, W.C.; Hsu, W.H.-
-An efficient anonymous channel protocol in wireless communicationsJan, J.K.; Lin, W.D.-
-Enantioselective synthesis of (S)-phenylephrine by whole cells of recombinant Escherichia coli expressing the amino alcohol dehydrogenase gene from Rhodococcus erythropolis BCRC 10909Lin, W.D.; 許文輝; Chen, C.Y.; Chen, H.C.; Hsu, W.H.-
-Genetic and biochemical study in a patient with glutaric acidemia type ILin, W.D.; 賴建成; Wang, C.H.; Lai, C.C.; Lee, C.C.; Tsai, F.J.-
-Genetic mutation profile of isovaleric acidemia patients in TaiwanLin, W.D.; 賴建成; Wang, C.H.; Lee, C.C.; Lai, C.C.; Tsai, Y.; Tsai, F.J.-
-Isolation and Characterization of a Novel Lysine Racemase from a Soil Metagenomic LibraryChen, I.C.; 許文輝; Lin, W.D.; Hsu, S.K.; Thiruvengadam, V.; Hsu, W.H.-
-Isolation and Characterization of a Novel Lysine Racemase from a Soil Metagenomic Library (vol 75, pg 5161, 2009)Chen, I.C.; Lin, W.D.; Hsu, S.K.; Thiruvengadam, V.; Hsu, W.H.-
-Lysine racemase: a novel non-antibiotic selectable marker for plant transformationChen, I.C.; 許文輝; Thiruvengadam, V.; Lin, W.D.; Chang, H.H.; Hsu, W.H.-
-Molecular analysis of Taiwanese patients with 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl CoA lyase deficiencyLin, W.D.; 賴建成; Wang, C.H.; Lai, C.C.; Tsai, Y.S.; Wu, J.Y.; Chen, C.P.; Tsai, F.J.-
-Preoperative blood sugar and C-reactive protein associated with persistent discharge after incision and drainage for patients with deep neck abscessesLiu, S.A.; Liang, M.T.; Wang, C.P.; Wang, C.C.; Lin, W.D.; Ho, H.C.; Chiu, Y.T.-
-Rapid screening assay of trimethylaminuria in urine with matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometryHsu, W.Y.; 賴建成; Lo, W.Y.; Lai, C.C.; Tsai, F.J.; Tsai, C.H.; Tsai, Y.; Lin, W.D.; Chao, M.C.-
-Screening Assay of Very Long Chain Fatty Acids in Human Plasma with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Based Surface-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass SpectrometryHsu, W.Y.; 賴建成; Lin, W.D.; Hwu, W.L.; Lai, C.C.; Tsai, F.J.-
-Stereoselective synthesis of L-homophenylalanine using the carbamoylase method with in situ racemization via N-acylamino acid racemaseHsu, S.K.; Lo, H.H.; Lin, W.D.; Chen, I.C.; Kao, C.H.; Hsu, W.H.-