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-Consistent modeling of S&P 500 and VIX derivativesLin, Y.N.; 林盈課; Chang, C.H.-
-Is volatility priced?Lin, Y.N.; 林月能; Hung, K.; 林盈課-
-The link between intraday signals and call warrant mispricing葉仕國; Lin, Y.N.; 林盈課; Yeh, S.K.; Chuan, S.C.; Jordan, S.J.-
-Low-power parallel multiplier with column bypassingWen, M.C.; 王行健; Wang, S.J.; Lin, Y.N.-
-Photochemistry of p-nitroacetophenone in 2-propanolLin, Y.N.; Jeng, G.Y.; Chan, T.T.; Yen, G.F.; Wong, Y.G.-
-Pricing VIX futures: Evidence from integrated physical and risk-neutral probability measuresLin, Y.N.; 林月能; 林盈課-
-Rejoinder to a remark on Lin and Chang's paper 'Consistent modeling of S&P 500 and VIX derivatives'Lin, Y.N.; Chang, C.H.-
-Sinus node dysfunction as an initial presentation of adult systemic lupus erythematosusLin, Y.N.; Liou, Y.M.; Chen, J.Y.; Chang, K.C.-
-VIX OPTION PRICINGLin, Y.N.; 林月能; Chang, C.H.; 林盈課-