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-5-demethylnobiletin promotes the formation of polymerized tubulin, leads to G2/M phase arrest and induces autophagy via JNK activation in human lung cancer cellsChen, Yu-Kuo; Wang, Hsin-Chieh; Ho, Chi-Tang; Chen, Hisn-Yu; Li, Shiming; Chan, Hong-Lin; Chung, Ting-Wen; Tan, Kok-Tong; Li, Yi-Ron; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-Acarbose Decreases the Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk of Diabetic Patients and Attenuates the Incidence and Severity of Collagen-induced Arthritis in MiceChen, Hsin-Hua; Chen, Der-Yuan; Chao, Ya-Hsuan; Chen, Yi-Ming; Wu, Chao-Liang; Lai, Kuo-Lung; Lin, Ching-Heng; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-Antihelminthic niclosamide modulates dendritic cells activation and functionWu, Chieh-Shan; Li, Yi-Rong; Chen, Jeremy J W; Chen, Ying-Che; Chu, Chiang-Liang; Pan, I-Hong; Wu, Yu-Shan; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-Discovery of a potent cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor, S4, through docking-based pharmacophore screening, in vivo and in vitro estimationsTseng, Tien-Sheng; Chuang, Show-Mei; Hsiao, Nai-Wan; Chen, Yi-Wen; Lee, Yu-Ching; Lin, Chi-Chen; Huang, Cheng; Tsai, Keng-Chang-
-Ferruginol inhibits non-small cell lung cancer growth by inducing caspase-associated apoptosisHo, Shang-Tse; Tung, Yu-Tang; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Lin, Chi-Chen; Wu, Jyh-Horng-
-Formulated extract from multiple citrus peels impairs dendritic cell functions and attenuates allergic contact hypersensitivityLi, Shiming; Lin, Yi-Chin; Ho, Chi-Tang; Lin, Ping-Yi; Suzawa, Michiko; Wang, Hsin-Chieh; Chu, Ching-Liang; Chen, Der-Yuan; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-Identification of protein expression alterations in gefitinib-resistant human lung adenocarcinoma: PCNT and mPR play key roles in the development of gefitinib-associated resistanceLin, Chi-Chen; Chen, Jing-Ting; Lin, Meng-Wei; Chan, Chia-Hao; Wen, Yueh-Feng; Wu, Shin-Bei; Chung, Ting-Wen; Lyu, Kevin W; Chou, Hsiu-Chuan; Chan, Hong-Lin-
-Identification of up- and down-regulated proteins in doxorubicin-resistant uterine cancer cells: reticulocalbin-1 plays a key role in the development of doxorubicin-associated resistanceMay, Eugenie Wong Soon; Lin, Szu-Ting; Lin, Chi-Chen; Chang, Jo-Fan; Hung, Eric; Lo, Yi-Wen; Lin, Li-Hsun; Hu, Ren-Yu; Feng, Chi-Lun; Lin, Dai-Ying; Wu, Shine-Bei; Lee, Wen-Chi; Lyu, Kevin W; Chou, Hsiu-Chuan; Chan, Hong-Lin-
-Immunomodulation of phloretin by impairing dendritic cell activation and functionLin, Chi-Chen; Chu, Ching-Liang; Ng, Chin-Sheng; Lin, Ching-Yen; Chen, Der-Yuan; Pan, I-Hong; Huang, Kao-Jean
-Immunosuppressive effect of zhankuic acid C from Taiwanofungus camphoratus on dendritic cell activation and the contact hypersensitivity responseLin, Ming-Kuem; Lee, Meng-Shiou; Chang, Wen-Te; Chen, Hsing-Yu; Chen, Jin-Fu; Li, Yi-Rong; Lin, Chi-Chen; Wu, Tian-Shung-
-Induction of Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) Enzymatic Activity Contributes to Interferon-Gamma Induced Apoptosis and Death Receptor 5 Expression in Human Non-small Cell Lung Cancer CellsChung, Ting Wen; Tan, Kok-Tong; Chan, Hong-Lin; Lai, Ming-Derg; Yen, Meng-Chi; Li, Yi-Ron; Lin, Sheng Hao; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-Naringenin inhibits dendritic cell maturation and has therapeutic effects in a murine model of collagen-induced arthritisLi, Yi-Rong; Chen, Der-Yuan; Chu, Ching-Liang; Li, Shiming; Chen, Yu-Kuo; Wu, Chao-Ling; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-Nobiletin and 5-Hydroxy-6,7,8,3',4'-pentamethoxyflavone Ameliorate 12- O-Tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate-Induced Psoriasis-Like Mouse Skin Lesions by Regulating the Expression of Ki-67 and Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen and the Differentiation of CD4+ T Cells through Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Signaling PathwaysYang, Guliang; Li, Shiming; Yang, Yiwen; Yuan, Li; Wang, Peilei; Zhao, Hui; Ho, Chi-Tang; Lin, Chi-Chen; 林季千
-Nortriptyline induces mitochondria and death receptor-mediated apoptosis in bladder cancer cells and inhibits bladder tumor growth in vivoYuan, Sheau-Yun; Cheng, Chen-Li; Ho, Hao-Chung; Wang, Shian-Shiang; Chiu, Kun-Yuan; Su, Chung-Kuang; Ou, Yen-Chuan; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-A novel adjuvant Ling Zhi-8 enhances the efficacy of DNA cancer vaccine by activating dendritic cellsLin, Chi-Chen; Yu, Yen-Ling; Shih, Chia-Chiao; Liu, Ko-Jiunn; Ou, Keng-Liang; Hong, Ling-Zong; Jody, D.C.Chen; Chu, Ching-Liang-
-A novel adjuvant Ling Zhi-8 for cancer DNA vaccinesChu, Ching-Liang; Chen, Dz-Chi; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-Proteomic analysis of rhein-induced cyt: ER stress mediates cell death in breast cancer cellsHuang, Hui-Ju; Lin, Chi-Chen; Chou, Hsiu-Chuan; Chen, Yi-Wen; Lin, Szu-Ting; Lin, Yi-Chieh; Lin, Dai-Ying; Lyu, Kevin W; Chan, Hong-Lin
-Rhododendron oldhamii leaf extract improves fatty liver syndrome by increasing lipid oxidation and decreasing the lipogenesis pathway in miceLiu, Ya-Ling; Lin, Lei-Chen; Tung, Yu-Tang; Ho, Shang-Tse; Chen, Yao-Li; Lin, Chi-Chen; Wu, Jyh-Horng
-Tazarotene Induces Apoptosis in Human Basal Cell Carcinoma via Activation of Caspase-8/t-Bid and the Reactive Oxygen Species-Dependent Mitochondrial PathwayWu, Chieh-Shan; Chen, Gwo-Shing; Lin, Ping-Yi; Pan, I-Hong; Wang, San-Tang; Lin, Sheng Hao; Yu, Hsin-Su; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-The adjuvant effects of high-molecule-weight polysaccharides purified from Antrodia cinnamomea on dendritic cell function and DNA vaccinesLin, Chi-Chen; Pan, I-Hong; Li, Yi-Rong; Pan, Yi-Gen; Lin, Ming-Kuem; Lu, Yi-Huang; Wu, Hsin-Chieh; Chu, Ching-Liang-