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-FXYD8, a Novel Regulator of Renal Na+/K+-ATPase in the Euryhaline Teleost, Tetraodon nigroviridisWang, Pei-Jen; 楊文凱; Yang, Wen-Kai; Lin, Chia-Hao; Hwang, Hau-Hsuan; Lee, Tsung-Han
-Preparation of polyethersulfone/plant-waste-particles mixed matrix membranes for adsorptive removal of cationic dyes from waterLin, Chia-Hao; Gung, Chin-Hau; Sun, Jia-Jun; Suen, Shing-Yi-
-製備高分子/植物廢棄物顆粒混合基材薄膜於陽離子染料的吸附應用林茄豪; Lin, Chia-Hao-
-製備高分子/植物廢棄物顆粒混合基材薄膜於陽離子染料的吸附應用林茄豪; Lin, Chia-Hao-