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-Bimetallic nickel and cobalt complexes as high-performance catalysts for copolymerization of carbon dioxide with cyclohexene oxideLi, Chi-Huan; Chuang, Hui-Ju; Li, Chen-Yu; Ko, Bao-Tsan; Lin, Chia-Her
-Evaluation of structural transformation in 2D metal–organic frameworks based on a 4,4′-sulfonyldibenzoate linker: microwave-assisted solvothermal synthesis, characterization and applicationsWu, Cheng-You; Raja, Duraisamy Senthil; Yang, Chun-Chuen; Yeh, Chun-Ting; Chen, Yu-Ru; Li, Chen-Yu; Ko, Bao-Tsan; Lin, Chia-Her
-Microporous 2D indium metal-organic frameworks for selective CO2 capture and their application in the catalytic CO2-cycloaddition of epoxidesLi, Yuan-Han; Wang, Sue-Lein; Su, Yu-Chia; Ko, Bao-Tsan; 柯寶燦; Tsai, Chen-Yen; Lin, Chia-Her
-Structurally well-characterized zinc complexes bearing imine-benzotriazole phenoxide ligands: Synthesis, photoluminescent properties and catalysis for carbon dioxide/epoxide couplingChen, Ting-Yi; Li, Chen-Yu; Tsai, Chen-Yen; Li, Chi-Huan; Chang, Chin-Hsiang; Ko, Bao-Tsan; Chang, Ching-Yao; Lin, Chia-Her; Huang, Hsi-Ya-
-Synthesis and characterization of trimetallic cobalt, zinc and nickel complexes containing amine-bis(benzotriazole phenolate) ligands: efficient catalysts for coupling of carbon dioxide with epoxidesLi, Chen-Yu; Su, Yu-Chia; Lin, Chia-Her; Huang, Hsi-Ya; Tsai, Chen-Yen; Lee, Ting-Yu; Ko, Bao-Tsan