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-Benzoxazine-based phosphinated bisphenols and their application in preparing flame-retardant, low dielectric cyanate ester thermosetsChang, Hou Chien; Lin, Hung Tse; Lin, Ching Hsuan-
-Catalyst-free synthesis of phosphinated poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) with high-Tg and low-dielectric characteristicLin, Ching Hsuan; Tsai, Yi Jiun; Shih, Yu Sin; Chang, Hou Chien-
-Facile, efficient synthesis of a phosphinated hydroxyl diamine and properties of its high-performance poly(hydroxyl imides) and polyimide–SiO2 hybridsWang, Po Jen; Lin, Ching Hsuan; Chang, Sheng Lung; Shih, Shao-Ju-
-Flexible polybenzoxazine thermosets with high glass transition temperatures and low surface free energiesLin, Ching Hsuan; Chang, Sheng Lung; Shen, Ting Yi; Shih, Yu Sin; Lina, Hong Tze; Wang, Chih Feng-
-High-Tgand low-dielectric epoxy thermosets based on a propargyl ether-containing phosphinated benzoxazineLin, Ching Hsuan; Huang, Chu Ming; Wong, Tung I.; Chang, Hou Chien; Juang, Tzong Yuan; Su, Wen Chiung-
-Miscibility, Microstructure, and Thermal and Dielectric Properties of Reactive Blends of Dicyanate Ester and Diamine-Based BenzoxazineLin, Ching Hsuan; Huang, Shih Jiang; Wang, Po Jen; Lin, Hong Tze; Shenghong, A.Dai-
-Synthesis of a phosphinated acetoxybenzoic acid and its application in enhancingTgand flame retardancy of poly(ethylene terephthalate)Lin, Ching Hsuan; Huang, Chu Ming; Wang, Meng Wei; Dai, Shenghong A.; Chang, Hou Chien; Juang, Tzong Yuan-
-軟性液晶顯示器用磷氟系不對稱聚亞醯胺與Dicyclopentadiene型benzoxazine/氰酸酯低介電銅箔基板材料開發廖盛晨; Liao, Sheng-Chen-
-軟性液晶顯示器用磷氟系不對稱聚亞醯胺與Dicyclopentadiene型benzoxazine/氰酸酯低介電銅箔基板材料開發廖盛晨; Liao, Sheng-Chen