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-Direct-grown Air-voids Structure in the InGaN Light-Emitting DiodesYang, Chung-Chieh; Lin, Chia-Feng; Chen, Kuei-Ting; Lin, Chun-Min-
-Fabrication of the InGaN micro-square array Light-Emitting Diodes by filling with Ga2O3 buried layer林春敏; Lin, Chun-Min-
-InGaN light emitting diodes with a laser-treated tapered GaN structureHuang, Wan-Chun; Lin, Chia-Feng; Hsieh, Tsung-Han; Chen, Sin-Han; Lin, Ming-Shiou; Chen, Kuei-Ting; Lin, Chun-Min; Chen, Sy-Hann; Han, Pin
-InGaN-based Light-Emitting Diodes with a Sawtooth-shaped Sidewall on Sapphire SubstrateLin, Chun-Min; Lin, Chia-Feng; Shieh, Bing-Cheng; Yu, Tzu-Yun; Chen, Sih-Han; Tsai, Peng-Han; Chen, Kuei-Ting; Dai, Jing-Jie; Tsai, Tzong-Liang-
-Solution-processed Li–Al layered-doublehydroxide platelet structures for high efficiency InGaN light emitting diodesLin, Chia-Feng; Tsai, Peng-Han; Lin, Zhi-Yu; Uan, Jun-Yen; Lin, Chun-Min; Yang, Chung-Chieh; Shieh, Bing-Cheng-
-製作具粗化結構之氮化銦鎵發光二極體及其光電特性之研究林春敏; Lin, Chun-Min-