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-Synthesis and Evaluation of a New Series of Tri-, Di-, and Mono-N-alkylcarbamylphloroglucinols as Bulky Inhibitors of AcetylcholinesteraseLin, Ming-Chen; Lin, Gin-Zen; Shen, Yu-Fong; Jian, Shuo-Yung; Hsieh, Dean-Kuo; Lin, James; Lin, Gialih-
-Synthesis and evaluation of a new series of tri-, di-, and mono-Nalkylcarbamylphloroglucinols as conformationally constrained inhibitors of cholesterol esteraseLin, Ming-Cheng; Lin, Gin-Zen; Hwang, Ching-In; Jian, Shuo-Yung; Lin, James; Shen, Yu-Fong; Lin, Gialih-