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-A targeted next-generation sequencing in the molecular risk stratification of adult acute myeloid leukemia: implications for clinical practiceLin, Po-Han; Li, Huei-Ying; Fan, Sheng-Chih; Yuan, Tzu-Hang; Chen, Ming; Hsu, Yu-Hua; Yang, Yu-Hsuan; 李龍緣; Li, Long-Yuan; Yeh, Su-Peng; Bai, Li-Yuan; Liao, Yu-Min; Lin, Chen-Yuan; Hsieh, Ching-Yun; Lin, Ching-Chan; Lin, Che-Hung; Lien, Ming-Yu; Chen, Tzu-Ting; Ni, Yen-Hsuan; Chiu, Chang-Fang
-The Parners Selection and Management of Strategic Alliance-In case of S printing company林伯翰; Lin, Po-Han-