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-A propeller-shaped μ4-carbonate hexanuclear dysprosium complex with a high energetic barrier to magnetisation relaxationHolmberg, Rebecca J; Kuo, Che-Jung; Gabidullin, Bulat; Wang, Chia-Wei; Clérac, Rodolphe; Murugesu, Muralee; Lin, Po-Heng; 林柏亨
-Effect of the Mn Oxidation State on Single-Molecule-Magnet Properties: Mn(III) vs Mn(IV) in Biologically Inspired DyMn3O4 CubanesLin, Po-Heng; Tsui, Emily Y; Habib, Fatemah; Murugesu, Muralee; Agapie, Theodor; 林柏亨
-Influence of Energy Barriers in Triangular Dysprosium Single-Molecule Magnets through Different Substitutions on a Nitrophenolate-Type ColigandChin, Wei; Lin, Po-Heng; 林柏亨
-[Ln16] complexes (Ln = GdIII, DyIII): molecular analogues of natural minerals such as hydrotalciteRichardson, Paul; Hsu, Ting-Jung; Kuo, Che-Jung; Holmberg, Rebecca J; Gabidullin, Bulat; Rouzières, Mathieu; Clérac, Rodolphe; Murugesu, Muralee; Lin, Po-Heng; 林柏亨
-Slight synthetic changes eliciting different topologies: synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of novel dinuclear and nonanuclear dysprosium complexesKuo, Che-Jung; Holmberg, Rebecca J; Lin, Po-Heng-