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-Obatoclax, a Pan-BCL-2 Inhibitor, Targets Cyclin D1 for Degradation to Induce Antiproliferation in Human Colorectal Carcinoma CellsOr, Chi-Hung R; Chang, Yachu; Lin, Wei-Cheng; Lee, Wee-Chyan; Su, Hong-Lin; Cheung, Muk-Wing; Huang, Chang-Po; Ho, Cheesang; Chang, Chia-Che
-The open container-used microfluidic chip using IrO(x) ultramicroelectrodes for the in situ measurement of extracellular acidificationWu, Ching-Chou; Lin, Wei-Cheng; Fu, Shih-Yu-
-Study on the Identification System for Color Bar of ResistorsLin, Wei-Cheng; 林偉政-
-以分散聚合法製備高分子模板作為植入有機前驅物之研究林威呈; Lin, Wei-Cheng-
-具輸出壓密功能之測試結構中的動態壓密方法之研究林瑋承; Lin, Wei-Cheng
-清境地區土地利用適宜性問題與對策之探討林偉誠; Lin, Wei-Cheng-