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-Disturbed mitotic progression and genome segregation are involved in cell transformation mediated by nano-TiO2 long-term exposureHuang, Shing; Chueh, Pin Ju; Lin, Yun-Wei; Shih, Tung-Sheng; Chuang, Show-Mei; 莊秀美
-Prodigiosin-induced cytotoxicity involves RAD51 down-regulation through the JNK and p38 MAPK pathways in human breast carcinoma cell linesLu, Chien-Hsing; Lin, Shin-Chang; Yang, Shu-Yi; Pan, Mu-Yun; Lin, Yun-Wei; Hsu, Chun-Yi; Wei, Yu-Hong; Chang, Jo-Shu; Chang, Chia-Che-
-台灣中部地區於崩積層抗剪強度之簡易現地試驗林昀葦; Lin, Yun-Wei-