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-Alteration of endogenous antioxidant enzymes in naturally occurring hypertrophic cardiomyopathyLin, C.S.; 黃三元; Liu, C.Y.; Sun, Y.L.; Chang, L.C.; Chiu, Y.T.; Huang, S.Y.; Lin, J.H.; Yang, P.C.; Chu, R.M.; Huang, M.C.; Mao, S.J.T.; 黃木秋-
-Capacitive Micro Pressure Sensor Integrated with a Ring Oscillator Circuit on ChipDai, C.L.; 戴慶良; Lu, P.W.; Chang, C.L.; Liu, C.Y.-
-A capillary electrophoresis end-column amperometric detection system incorporating disposable copper-plated screen-printed carbon electrodesTsai, D.M.; 曾志明; Shih, P.R.; Tai, H.W.; Liu, C.Y.; Zen, J.M.-
-Characterization of Nanocrystalline SiGe Thin Film Solar Cell with Double Graded-Dead Absorption LayerWang, C.C.; Wuu, D.S.; Lien, S.Y.; Lin, Y.S.; Liu, C.Y.; Hsu, C.H.; Chen, C.F.-
-Complete nucleotide sequence of pig (Sus scrofa) mitochondrial genome and dating evolutionary divergence within ArtiodactylaLin, C.S.; 黃木秋; Sun, Y.L.; Liu, C.Y.; Yang, P.C.; Chang, L.C.; Cheng, I.C.; Mao, S.J.T.; Huang, M.C.-
-Dewetting Retardation on Ag/Cu Coated Light Emitting Diode Lead Frames During the Solder Immersion ProcessHuang, K.C.; 薛富盛; Shieu, F.S.; Hsiao, Y.H.; Liu, C.Y.-
-Dynamic response of an elastic fence under wind action方富民; Fang, F.M.; 翁駿民; Ueng, J.M.; Liu, C.Y.; Soong, P.S.-
-Effect of thermal history on the polymorphic behavior of poly(ethylene 2,6-naphthalate)/clay nanocompositesWu, T.M.; 吳宗明; Liu, C.Y.-
-An electronic voting protocol with deniable authentication for mobile ad hoc networksLi, C.T.; Hwang, M.S.; Liu, C.Y.-
-Enhancing the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells using high catalytic nanocomposite PtNP/graphite counter electrodesLiu, C.Y.; Huang, K.C.; Wang, Y.C.; Lin, J.J.; Ho, K.C.-
-Exchange coupling in FePt-FePt3 nanocomposite filmsLin, K.W.; 林克偉; Guo, J.Y.; Liu, C.Y.; Ouyang, H.; van Lierop, J.; Phuoc, N.N.; Suzuki, T.-
-Genetic Differentiation of Troides aeacus formosanus (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae), Based on Cytochrome Oxidase I Sequences and Amplified Fragment Length PolymorphismWu, I.H.; 葉文斌; Yang, P.S.; Liu, C.Y.; Yeh, W.B.-
-Hydrogenated amorphous silicon-germanium thin films with a narrow band gap for silicon-based solar cellsWang, C.C.; Liu, C.Y.; Lien, S.Y.; Weng, K.W.; Huang, J.J.; Chen, C.F.; Wuu, D.S.-
-Nanomechanical responses of intermetallic phase at the solder joint interface - Crystal orientation and metallurgical effectsSong, J.M.; Huang, B.R.; Liu, C.Y.; Lai, Y.S.; Chiu, Y.T.; Huang, T.W.-
-Ni Interdiffusion Coefficient and Activation Energy in Cu6Sn5Huang, K.C.; Shieu, F.S.; Hsiao, Y.H.; Liu, C.Y.-
-Poly(ethylene 2,6-naphthalate)/layered silicate nanocomposites: fabrication, crystallization behavior and propertiesWu, T.M.; 吳宗明; Liu, C.Y.-
-Positive exchange bias in a Ni(80)Fe(20)/Ni(x)Fe(1-x)O thin-film bilayerLin, K.W.; Tzeng, Y.M.; Guo, Z.Y.; Liu, C.Y.; van Lierop, J.-
-Power effect of ZnO:Al film as back reflector on the performance of thin-film solar cellsLin, Y.S.; Lien, S.Y.; Wang, C.C.; Liu, C.Y.; Nautiyal, A.; Wuu, D.S.; Tsai, P.C.; Chen, C.F.; Lee, S.J.-
-Spectral response design of hydrogenated amorphous silicon p-i-n diodes for ambient light sensingTan, S.S.; Liu, C.Y.; Jiang, Y.L.; Lin, D.Y.; Hsu, K.Y.J.-
-Spontaneous growth of one-dimensional nanostructures from films in ambient atmosphere at room temperature: ZnO and TiO2Chang, S.Y.; Yang, N.H.; Huang, Y.C.; Lin, S.J.; Kattamis, T.Z.; Liu, C.Y.-