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-Anti-alpha-enolase Autoantibodies Are Down-regulated in Advanced Cancer PatientsShih, N.Y.; Lai, H.L.; Chang, G.C.; Lin, H.C.; Wu, Y.C.; Liu, J.M.; Liu, K.J.; Tseng, S.W.-
-Generalized constrained energy minimization approach to subpixel target detection for multispectral imageryChang, C.I.; Liu, J.M.; Chieu, B.C.; Ren, H.; Wang, C.M.; Lo, C.S.; Chung, P.C.; Yang, C.W.; Ma, D.J.-
-Method for extracting the glueball wave functionLiu, J.M.; Luo, X.Q.; Fang, X.Y.; Guo, S.H.; Kroger, H.; Schutte, D.; Lin, L.-