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-Al2O3-supported Cu-Co bimetallic catalysts prepared with polyol process for removal of BTEX and PAH in the incineration flue gasLu, C.Y.; Tseng, H.H.; Wey, M.Y.; Liu, L.Y.; Kuo, J.H.; Chuang, K.H.-
-The Bostrichidae (Coleoptera) of Taiwan: a key to species, new records, and a lectotype designation for Sinoxylon mangiferae ChujoLiu, L.Y.; 楊正澤; Beaver, R.A.; Yang, J.T.-
-Complete genomic sequence of watermelon bud necrosis virusLi, J.T.; Yeh, Y.C.; Yeh, S.D.; Raja, J.A.J.; Rajagopalan, P.A.; Liu, L.Y.; Chen, T.C.-
-Effects of the ratio of Cu/Co and metal precursors on the catalytic activity over Cu-Co/Al2O3 prepared using the polyol processLu, C.Y.; Tseng, H.H.; Wey, M.Y.; Liu, L.Y.; Chuang, K.H.-
-Removal of multiple nitrogenous wastes by Aspergillus niger in a continuous fixed-slab reactorHwang, S.C.; Lin, C.S.; Chen, I.M.; Chen, J.M.; Liu, L.Y.; Dodds, W.K.-
-A review of the genus Genyocerus Motschulsky (Coleoptera : Curculionidae : Platypodinae), with new synonyms and keys to speciesBeaver, R.A.; Liu, L.Y.-