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-Analysis of trends in water quality: constructed wetlands in metropolitan TaipeiCheng, B.Y.; Liu, T.C.; Shyu, G.S.; Chang, T.K.; Fang, W.T.-
-Determination of phthalate esters from food-contacted materials by on-line microdialysis and liquid chromatographyJen, J.F.; 鄭政峰; Liu, T.C.-
-Disturbance of circadian gene expression in endometrial cancer: Detection by real-time quantitative RT-PCRShih, H.C.; 張天傑; Choo, K.B.; Chang, T.J.; Yang, M.Y.; Shih, M.C.; Yeh, K.T.; Liu, T.C.; Lin, S.F.; Chang, J.G.-
-Drought tolerance and thermal effect measurements for plants suitable for extensive green roof planting in humid subtropical climatesLiu, T.C.; Shyu, G.S.; Fang, W.T.; Liu, S.Y.; Cheng, B.Y.-
-Global media, local metaphor: Television shopping and marketing-as-relationship in America, Japan, and TaiwanWarden, C.A.; 渥 頓; Huang, S.C.T.; Liu, T.C.; Wu, W.Y.-
-Hematological features and molecular lesions of hemoglobin gene disorders in Taiwanese patientsLin, H.J.; Shih, M.C.; Peng, C.T.; Liu, T.C.; Chen, K.W.; Shih, H.C.; Chang, J.G.-
-Rapid identification of HBB gene mutations by high-resolution melting analysisShih, H.C.; 張天傑; Er, T.K.; Chang, T.J.; Chang, Y.S.; Liu, T.C.; Chang, J.G.-
-A research of hemoglobin gene disorders in TaiwanLin, H.J.; Shih, M.C.; Peng, C.T.; Liu, T.C.; Shih, H.C.; Chang, J.G.-