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-(Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem., 64:2538-2542)Modulation of Cholesterol Concentration in Caco-2 Cells by Incubation with Different n-6 Fatty AcidsKoba, K.; Liu, J.-W.; Chuang, L.-T.; Anderson, S.N.; Bowman, T.; Bobik, E. jr.; Sugano, M.; Huang, Y.-S.
-(Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem., 67:015-022)Effects of phytate in soy protein on serum and liver cholesterol levels and liver fatty acid profile in ratsKoba, K.; Liu, J.-W.; Bobik, E.; Mazer, T.B.; Mills, D.E.; Sugano, M.; Huang, Y.-S.
-(Crit. Care Med., 27:1908-1915)Effect of short-term enteral feeding with eicosapentaenoic and γ linolenic acids on alveolar macrophage eicosanoid synthesis in ratsPalombo, J.D.; Demichele, S.J.; Boyce, P.J.; Lydon, E.E.; Liu, J.-W.; Y. S. Huang; Forse, R.A.; Mizgerd, J.P.; Bistrian, B.R.-
-(J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc., 78:489-493)Characterization of oil exhibiting high γ-linolenic acid from a genetically transformed canola strainLiu, J.-W.; Huang, Y.-S.; Demichele, S.J.; Bergana, M.; Bobik, E. Jr.; Hastilow, C.; Chuang, L.-T.; Mukerji, P.; Knutzon, D.
-(J. Nutr. Sci. Vitaminol., 46:058-064)Cholesterol supplementation attenuates the hypocholesterolemic effect of rice bran oil in ratsKoba, K.; Liu, J.-W.; Bobik, E.; Sugano, M.; Huang, Y.-S.
-(Lipids in Health and Disease, 02:001-020)Polyphosphoinositides suppress the adhesion of Haemophilus influenzae to pharyngeal cellsLiu, J.-W.; Anderson, S.N.; Meulbroek, J.; Hwang, S.-M.; Mukerji, P.; Huang, Y.-S.
-(Lipids, 35:975-981)Comparison of growth and fatty acid metabolism in rats fed diets containing equal levels of GLA from high GLA-canola oil or borage oilPalombo, J.D.; Demichele, S. J.; Liu, J.-W.; Bistrian, B.R.; Huang, Y.-S.
-(Lipids, 36:1099-1103)Inhibitory effect of conjugated linoleic acid on linoleic acid elongation in yeast transformed with human elongaseChuang, L.-T.; Leonard, A. E.; Liu, J.-W.; Mukerji, P.; Bray, T.M.; Huang, Y.-S.
-(Lipids, 36:139-143)Effect of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on Δ6-desaturase activity in the transformed yeastChuang, L.-T.; Thurmond, J.M.; Liu, J.-W.; Kirchner, S.J.; Mukerji, P.; Bray, T.M.; Huang, Y.-S.
-( Lipids, 38:171-178)Effect of high-GLA canola oil compared with borage oil on reproduction, growth and brain and behavioral development in miceWainwright, P.E.; Huang, Y.-S.; DeMichele, S.J.; Xing, H.-C.; Liu, J.-W.; Chuang, L.-C.; Biederman, J.
-(Mol. Cell Biochem., 151:121-130)N-3 and n-6 fatty acid metabolism in undifferentiated and differentiated human intestine cell line (Caco-2)Huang, Y. S.; Liu, J.-W.; Koba, K.; Anderson, S.N
-(Mol. Cell. Biochem., 265:011-018)Effect of conjugated linoleic acid on delta-5-desaturase activity in yeast transformed with fungal delta-5-desaturase geneChuang, L.-T.; Thurmond, J.M.; Liu, J.-W.; Mukerji, P.; Bray, T.M.; Huang, Y.-S.