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-Computer-aided diagnostic detection system of venous beading in retinal imagesYang, C.W.; Ma, D.J.; Chao, S.C.; Wang, C.M.; Wen, C.H.; Lo, C.S.; Chung, P.C.; Chang, C.I.-
-Generalized constrained energy minimization approach to subpixel target detection for multispectral imageryChang, C.I.; Liu, J.M.; Chieu, B.C.; Ren, H.; Wang, C.M.; Lo, C.S.; Chung, P.C.; Yang, C.W.; Ma, D.J.-
-Improved Process for Use of a Simplex Growing Algorithm for Endmember ExtractionWu, C.C.; Lo, C.S.; Chang, C.I.-
-A mammography tele-consultation pilot system in TaiwanLo, C.S.; 歐陽彥杰; Yang, C.W.; Chung, P.C.; Ouyang, Y.C.; Lee, S.K.; Liao, P.S.-
-Operating parameters of autothermal pyrolysis of plastic waste in a fluidized bedWey, M.Y.; 魏銘彥; Lo, C.S.; Wu, S.Y.; Lee, Y.T.-
-Real-Time Simplex Growing Algorithms for Hyperspectral Endmember ExtractionChang, C.I.; Wu, C.C.; Lo, C.S.; Chang, M.L.-
-Spectral Feature Probabilistic Coding for Hyperspectral SignaturesChang, C.I.; Chakravarty, S.; Lo, C.S.; Lin, C.S.-