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-Interaction of triosmium complexes with hydrogen chloride: A model for fine-tuning regioselective protonation in metal clustersChung, M.L.; 高漢謀; Lee, F.Y.; Lin, L.C.; Su, C.J.; Chen, M.Y.; Wen, Y.S.; Gau, H.M.; Lu, K.L.-
-Os(CO)(2)(eta(2)-SC5H4N(O))(eta(2)-SC5H4N): structural evidence for the transformation of pyridine-2-thione N-oxide to pyridine-2-thiolate in osmium complexesLee, F.Y.; 林寬鋸; Huang, J.J.; Chen, Y.J.; Lin, K.J.; Lee, G.H.; Peng, S.M.; Hwu, J.R.; Lu, K.L.-