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-Fabrication and evaluation of microgrooved polymers as peripheral nerve conduitsHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Lu, P.S.; Ni, H.C.; Su, C.H.-
-Measurements of Aerodynamic Roughness, Bowen Ratio, and Atmospheric Surface Layer Height by Eddy Covariance and Tethersonde Systems Simultaneously over a Heterogeneous Rice PaddyTsai, J.L.; 莊秉潔; Tsuang, B.J.; Lu, P.S.; Chang, K.H.; Yao, M.H.; Shen, Y.-
-Oriented Schwann cell growth on microgrooved surfacesHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Chen, C.Y.; Lu, P.S.; Lai, C.S.; Chen, C.J.-
-Surface energy components and land characteristics of a rice paddyTsai, J.L.; 申 雍; Tsuang, B.J.; Lu, P.S.; Yao, M.H.; Shen, Y.; 莊秉潔-