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-Chrysophanol induces necrosis through the production of ROS and alteration of ATP levels in J5 human liver cancer cellsLu, Chi-Cheng; Yang, Jai-Sing; Huang, An-Cheng; Hsia, Te-Chun; Chou, Su-Tze; Kuo, Chao-Lin; Lu, Hsu-Feng; Lee, Tsung-Han; Wood, Wellington G; Chung, Jing-Gung-
-A comparative study of the interaction of Bartonella henselae strains with human endothelial cellsChang, Chao-Chin; Chen, Ya-Jou; Tseng, Chih-Sian; Lai, Wan-Ling; Hsu, Kai-Yang; Chang, Chao-Liang; Lu, Chi-Cheng; Hsu, Yuan-Man-
-Epigallocatechin gallate inhibits urate crystals-induced peritoneal inflammation in C57BL/6 miceJhang, Jhih-Jia; Lu, Chi-Cheng; Yen, Gow-Chin; 顏國欽-
-Glycative stress from advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and dicarbonyls: An emerging biological factor in cancer onset and progressionLin, Jer-An; Wu, Chi-Hao; Lu, Chi-Cheng; Hsia, Shih-Min; Yen, Gow-Chin; 顏國欽-
-Hypouricemic effects of Mesona procumbens Hemsl. through modulating xanthine oxidase activity in vitro and in vivoJhang, Jhih-Jia; Ong, Jia-Wei; Lu, Chi-Cheng; Hsu, Chin-Lin; Lin, Jia-Hong; Liao, Jiunn-Wang; Yen, Gow-Chin
-Protective Effects of Catechin against Monosodium Urate-Induced Inflammation through the Modulation of NLRP3 Inflammasome ActivationJhang, Jhih-Jia; Lu, Chi-Cheng; Ho, Cheng-Ying; Cheng, Yu-Ting; Yen, Gow-Chin-
-Protective Effects of Diallyl Sulfide on Ovalbumin-Induced Pulmonary Inflammation of Allergic Asthma Mice by MicroRNA-144, -34a, and -34b/c-Modulated Nrf2 ActivationHo, Cheng-Ying; Lu, Chi-Cheng; Weng, Chia-Jui; Yen, Gow-Chin; 顏國欽
-Proteomic approaches to study epigallocatechin gallate-provoked apoptosis of TSGH-8301 human urinary bladder carcinoma cells: Roles of AKT and heat shock protein 27-modulated intrinsic apoptotic pathwaysChen, Nian-Gu; Lu, Chi-Cheng; Lin, Yu-Hsin; Shen, Wu-Chung; Lai, Cheng-Hung; Ho, Yung-Jen; Chung, Jing-Gung; Lin, Tsai-Hsiu; Lin, Yung-Chang; Yang, Jai-Sing-
-Recent progress in natural dietary non-phenolic bioactives on cancers metastasisYen, Gow-Chin; 顏國欽; Tsai, Chiung-Man; Lu, Chi-Cheng; Weng, Chia-Jui
-Ursolic acid triggers nonprogrammed death (necrosis) in human glioblastoma multiforme DBTRG-05MG cells through MPT pore opening and ATP declineLu, Chi-Cheng; Huang, Bo-Ru; Liao, Pei-Jyuan; Yen, Gow-Chin-
-探討新穎喹唑啉酮衍生物對於抗血癌與口腔癌離體外細胞凋亡與抗轉移機轉探討和活體中抗腫瘤活性的研究呂啟誠; Lu, Chi-Cheng-
-探討新穎喹唑啉酮衍生物對於抗血癌與口腔癌離體外細胞凋亡與抗轉移機轉探討和活體中抗腫瘤活性的研究呂啟誠; Lu, Chi-Cheng-