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-Adsorption of trihalomethanes from water with carbon nanotubesLu, Chungsying; Chung, Yao-Lei; Chang, Kuan-Foo-
-Adsorption of zinc(II) from water with purified carbon nanotubesLu, Chungsying; Chiu, Huantsung-
-Adsorption, Desorption, and Thermodynamic Studies of CO2 with High-Amine-Loaded Multiwalled Carbon NanotubesSu, Fengsheng; Lu, Chungsying; Chen, Hung-Shih-
-CO2 capture from gas stream by zeolite 13X using a dual-column temperature/vacuum swing adsorptionSu, Fengsheng; Lu, Chungsying-
-CO2 capture with amine-loaded carbon nanotubes via a dual-column temperature/vacuum swing adsorptionSu, Fengsheng; Lu, Chungsying; Chung, Ai-Ju; Liao, Chien-Hsiang-
-Efficient adsorptive removal of Tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) from water using graphene oxideChang, Shenteng; Lin, Kun-Yi Andrew; Lu, Chungsying-
-Sorption of divalent metal ions from aqueous solution by carbon nanotubes: A reviewRao, Gadupudi Purnachadra; Lu, Chungsying; Su, Fengsheng-
-Treatment of waste gas from the breather vent of a vertical fixed roof p-xylene storage tank by a trickle-bed air biofilterChang, Shenteng; Lu, Chungsying; Hsu, Shihchieh; Lai, How-Tsan; Shang, Wen-Lin; Chuang, Yeong-Song; Cho, Chi-Huang; Chen, Sheng-Han-
-以改質奈米碳管儲存氫氣之研究陳凱文; Johnston, Kelvin-
-河溪生態工法融入小學環境教育議題之研究 -以舊濁水溪為例陳瑞燦; Chen, Jui-Tsan-