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-Application+of+Fern+Chips-Charcoal+Composite+Boards+for+Orchid+CultivationHsu, Yu-Min; 許育民; Chang, Chia-Wei; Lu, Kun-Tsung; 張家偉; 盧崑宗
-Characteristics+of+Cryptomeria+japonica+and+Acacia+confusa+Heat-Treated+Woods+with+Different+TemperaturesKuo, Wei-Ling; 郭瑋玲; Lu, Kun-Tsung; 盧崑宗
-Preparation and pore characterization of activated carbon from Ma bamboo (Dendrocalamus latiflorus) by H3PO4 chemical activationLiu, Su-Ling; Wang, Ya-Nan; Lu, Kun-Tsung-
-Synthesis of Linseed Oil-Based Waterborne Urethane Oil Wood CoatingsChang, Chia-Wei; Chang, Jing-Ping; Lu, Kun-Tsung; 盧崑宗