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-A comparison of biodistribution between In-111-DTPA octreotide and In-111-DOTATOC in rats bearing pancreatic tumorsLin, Y.C.; Hung, G.U.; Luo, T.Y.; Chen, C.H.; Hsia, C.C.; Chen, S.L.; Ho, Y.J.; Lin, W.Y.-
-Development of pH sensitive 2-(diisopropylamino)ethyl methacrylate based nanoparticles for photodynamic therapyPeng, C.L.; 賴秉杉; Yang, L.Y.; Luo, T.Y.; Lai, P.S.; Yang, S.J.; Lin, W.J.; Shieh, M.J.-
-Evaluating the potential of Re-188-SOCTA-trastuzumab as a new radioimmunoagent for breast cancer treatmentLuo, T.Y.; Tang, I.C.; Wu, Y.L.; Hsu, K.L.; Liu, S.W.; Kung, H.C.; Lai, P.S.; Lin, W.J.-
-Reducing renal uptake of In-111-DOTATOC: A comparison among various basic amino acidsLin, Y.C.; 林永昌; Hung, G.U.; Luo, T.Y.; Tsai, S.C.; Sun, S.S.; Hsia, C.C.; Chen, S.L.; Lin, W.Y.-