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-Algorithmic Aspects of VLSI LayoutM.Sarrafzadeh; D.T.Lee-
-Maximum Independent Set of a Permutation Graph in K TracksD.T.Lee; M.Sarrafzadeh-
-Minimum Cut for Circular-arc GraphsD.T.Lee; M.Sarrafzadeh; Y.F.Wu-
-A New Approach to Topological Via MinimizationM.Sarrafzadeh; D.T.Lee-
-An Optimal Algorithm for the Maximum Two-Chain ProblemR.D.Lou; M.Sarrafzadeh; D.T.Lee-
-Planar Subset of Multi-terminal NetsK.F.Liao; D.T.Lee; M.Sarrafzadeh-
-Restricted Track Assignment with ApplicationsM.Sarrafzadeh; D.T.Lee-
-Topological Via Minimization RevisitedM.Sarrafzadeh; D.T.Lee-
-Two-Way and Multi-Way Partitioning a Set of Intervals for Clique-Width MaximizationA.H.Farrahi; D.T.Lee; M.Sarrafzadeh-