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-Abnormal hole mobility of biaxial strained SiLiao, M.H.; 張書通; Chang, S.T.; Lee, M.H.; Maikap, S.; Liu, C.W.-
-Characteristics of strained-germanium p- and n-channel field effect transistors on a Si (111) substrateMaikap, S.; 張書通; Lee, M.H.; Chang, S.T.; Liu, C.W.-
-High Ge Content of SiGe Channel pMOSFETs on Si (110) SurfacesLee, M.H.; 張書通; Chang, S.T.; Maikap, S.; Peng, C.Y.; Lee, C.H.-
-The role of carbon on performance of strained-Si:C surface channel NMOSFETsLee, M.H.; 張書通; Chang, S.T.; Maikap, S.; Huang, C.F.-
-Short channel effect improved strained-Si : C-source/drain PMOSFETsLee, M.H.; 張書通; Chang, S.T.; Maikap, S.; Shen, K.W.; Wang, W.C.-
-Studying the impact of carbon on device performance for strained-Si MOSFETsLee, M.H.; 張書通; Chang, S.T.; Peng, C.Y.; Hsieh, B.F.; Maikap, S.; Liao, S.H.-