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-A new and efficient method for the synthesis of 2-N-(aryl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2,5-diamine derivativesManuri Brahmayya; Fan-Shuan Liu; Shing-Yi Suen; Chun-Chieh Huang; Shenghong A. Dai; Yi-Syuan Guo; Yi-Fen Chen; 孫幸宜-
-Facile synthesis of 2-benzimidazolones via carbonylation of o-phenylenediamines with CO2Manuri Brahmayya; Shenghong A. Dai; 孫幸宜; Shing-Yi Suen
-Sulfonated graphene oxide-catalyzed N-acetylation of amines with acetonitrile under sonicationManuri Brahmayya; Shing-Yi Suen; 孫幸宜; Shenghong A. Dai