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-Damage to the Reefs of Siangjiao Bay Marine Protected Area of Kenting National Park, Southern Taiwan during Typhoon MorakotKuo, C.Y.; Meng, P.J.; Ho, P.H.; Wang, J.T.; Chen, J.P.; Chiu, Y.W.; Lin, H.J.; Chang, Y.C.; Fan, T.Y.; Chen, C.A.-
-A long-term survey on anthropogenic impacts to the water quality of coral reefs, southern TaiwanMeng, P.J.; Lee, H.J.; Wang, J.T.; Chen, C.C.; Lin, H.J.; Tew, K.S.; Hsieh, W.J.-
-Mapping anthropogenic nitrogen through point sources in coral reefs using delta N-15 in macroalgaeLin, H.J.; Wu, C.Y.; Kao, S.J.; Kao, W.Y.; Meng, P.J.-
-Rates of overgrowth by macroalgae and attack by sea anemones are greater for live coral than dead coral under conditions of nutrient enrichmentLiu, P.J.; 林幸助; Lin, S.M.; Fan, T.Y.; Meng, P.J.; Shao, K.T.; Lin, H.J.-