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-Hsp90 Interacts Specifically with Viral RNA and Differentially Regulates Replication Initiation of Bamboo mosaic virus and Associated Satellite RNAHuang, Ying Wen; Hu, Chung Chi; Liou, Ming Ru; Chang, Ban Yang; Tsai, Ching Hsiu; Meng, Menghsiao; Lin, Na Sheng; Hsu, Yau Heiu-
-Isolation, characterization, and complete genome analysis of P1312, a thermostable bacteriophage that infects Thermobifida fuscaCheepudom, Jatuporn; Lee, Cheng-Cheng; Cai, Bingfu; Meng, Menghsiao-
-Mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase 1 reduces the replication efficiency of Bamboo mosaic virus in Nicotiana benthamianaLee, Cheng-Cheng; 李成正; Wu, Yi-Jhen; Hsueh, Chia-Hsin; Huang, Yu-Ting; Hsu, Yau-Heiu; Meng, Menghsiao
-Phosphorylation of coat protein by protein kinase CK2 regulates cell-to-cell movement of Bamboo mosaic virus through modulating RNA bindingHung, Chien-Jen; Huang, Ying-Wen; Liou, Ming-Ru; Lee, Ya-Chien; Lin, Na-Sheng; Meng, Menghsiao; Tsai, Ching-Hsiu; Hu, Chung-Chi; Hsu, Yau-Heiu-