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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-(Accident Analysis and Prevention,36:683-690)Scenario Analysis of Major Freight Vehicle Accident Risks in TaiwanMing-Chih Tsai; Chieh-Chih Su
-Analytical Model for Postponement Strategies of Supply Chain Managemen-A Case Study of Computer Industries in TaiwanMing-Chih Tsai; Gou-Wei Tang-
-Conceptual Safety Control Systems of Automatic Grade-Crossing in TaiwanMing-Chih Tsai; Jro-Din Lin; Kun-Yi Chan-
-The customized AVL for Fastening Customs Process of Cargo Transshipment in TaiwanMing-Chih Tsai; Chi-Hsien Chen-
-Determinants of RFID adoption,statistical evidence from Taiwanese retail chainMing-Chih Tsai; Wen Lee-
-The Evolution of Logistics/SCM in TaiwanMing-Chih Tsai-
-Factor analysis of industrial acceptance of RFID as logistics technology--An empirical case of 3C products in TaiwanMing-Chih Tsai; Hon-Shan Lin-
-Generational differences in rail service consumptionsMing-Chih Tsai; Gwang-Chih Lee-
-Government Performance Assessments on the Developments of Six East-Asia Container Ports--A Carriers'ViewpointMing-Chih Tsai; Chin-Hui Su-
-Identification of key risk factors for logistics outsourcingMing-Chih Tsai; Shu-Chen Hung-
-(Industrial Marketing Management,36:617-626)Demand choice of high-tech industry for logistics service providersMing-Chih Tsai; Chieh Hwa Wen; Chiang-Shin Chen-
-The influence of Chinese manufacturing institutional settings on supply chain and product qualityKuo, En-Ting; 郭恩廷-
-(International Journal,13(6):415-424)Risk perception on logistics outsourcing in retail chains- model development and empirical verification in Taiwan,Supply Chain ManagementMing-Chih Tsai; Chun-Hwa Liao
-(Journal of Air Transport Management,08(6):373-380)Political Risk Assessment on Air Logistics Hub Developments in TaiwanMing-Chih Tsai; Yin-So Su
-Justification of container tracking systems for port logistics Development in TaiwanMing-Chih Tsai-
-(Marine Policy,29(4):291-298)Government Performance Assessments on the Developments of Six East-Asia Container Ports -- Carriers' ViewpointsMing-Chih Tsai; Chin-Hui Su-
-The Moderating Effects of Resource Complementarities and Environmental Dynamism on the relationship between the Outsourcing Level and Firm Performance: a study of hotels in Taiwan溫玉婷; Wen, Cecilia-
-Outsourcing risk by relationship investmentMing-Chih Tsai; Wan-Ling Chuang-
-Pay-off of value chain integrationMing-Chih Tsai; I-Ing Chen-
-Political Risk Assessment upon the Operations of International Express Delivery in TaiwanMing-Chih Tsai; Su-In Su-