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-Stream Water Quality Assessment with Family-Level Biotic Index of Aquatic InsectShih-chang Chang; 張世倉; Hsun-Hwang Lee; Ming-Ju Lee; Shin-Hwei Lin; 李訓煌; 李明儒; 林信輝
-A Study of Vegetation Invasion on Different Stream Revetments-The Case of Zhang-Ping Creek簡伃貞; Yu-Chen Chien; 黃俊仁; 孫明德; 李明儒; Chung-Jen Huang; Ming-Te Sun; Ming-Ju Lee
-That Influence of Familiarity on Preference for Different Forms of Empty Window and Backgrounds in Chinese Gardens李明儒; Ming-Ju Lee; 歐聖榮; Sheng-Joung Ou
-泥岩地區冬青菊與苦藍盤非破壞性生長量評估模式Ming-Te Sun; 孫明德; Chun-Pin Chang; Ming-Ju Lee; Shin-Hwei Lin; 張俊斌; 李明儒; 林信輝-
-生物整合指數之建立與應用-以頭汴坑溪集水區為例Shin-Hwei Lin; 林信輝; Chih-Wei Tsai; Ming-Ju Lee; 李明儒; 蔡志偉
-生物整合指標(IBI)之應用探討林信輝; Shin-Hwei Lin; 黃俊仁; 孫明德; 李明儒; Ming-Te Sun; Ming-Ju Lee; Chung-Jen Huang
-農地重劃對景觀結構變遷之研究陳意昌; Yi-Chang Chen; 李明儒; 鄧英慧; 黃俊仁; Ying-Hui Deng; Chun-Jen Huang; Ming-Ju Lee
-集水區土地利用與水質關係之研究-以頭汴坑溪為例林信輝; Shin-Hwei Lin; 李明儒; 蔡志偉; Chih-Wei Tsai; Ming-Ju Lee