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-Application of GIS PDF disaster prevention maps in disaster preparedness賴懋頡; 江孟玲; Mao-ChiehLai; Mon-Ling Chiang
-Factors affecting suspended particulate matter (PM10) - A case study of traffic air quality monitoring stations in Taiwan張立農; 江孟玲; 林昭遠; Lin-Ong Zhang; Mon-Ling Chiang; Chao-Yuan Lin
-The functionality evaluation of aeolian dust prevention using macromolecule materialMon-Ling Chiang; Chao-Yuan Lin; Cheng-Yu Lin; 江孟玲; 林昭遠; 林政侑
-Learning effectiveness of soil and water conservation outdoor classroom as environmental education site for junior high studentsHsin- Hung Chen; Mon-Ling Chiang; 陳信宏; 江孟玲
-Water conservation hotspots selection at the Dadu Plateau by using index of land cover changesChia-Ching Cho; Mon-Ling Chiang; Chao-Yuan Lin; 卓佳慶; 江孟玲; 林昭遠
-國民小學教科書水土保持教材之內容探討Chin-Chin Sun; Mon-Ling Chiang; 孫錦進; 江孟玲