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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Adhesion Measurement with Atomic Force Microscope in Liquid吳致陞; Wu, Chih-Sheng-
-Atomic force microscopy for dynamic observation of human erythrocytes in a microfluidic systemFeng-Jia Kuo; Mon-Shu Ho; Jane Dai; Ming-Huisung Fan
-Characteristics of Si(111) surface with embedded C84molecules
-Dilute manganese-doped ZnO nanowires for high photoelectrical performanceWei-Hao Chen; Chih-Chuan Su; Hui-Huang Hsieh; Meng-Fan Chang; Mon-Shu Ho; 何孟書-
-Image Recognition of Surface DefectsYong-Hong-Chen; 陳永宏
-Investigating and optimizing charge transfer between graphene and metal by using double layer electrode and polymer-free transfer methodKuo-You Huang; Chia-Shuo Li; Luo-Hong Wen; Ang-Sheng Chou; Mon-Shu Ho; Chih-I Wu
-Investigation of the graphene flakes expanded by graphite intercalation compoundsRuei-Fong Jhang; 張瑞&#x5CEF
-Nano-mechanical measurements of human erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets with atomic force microscopyChiang, Chun-Ting; 江俊霆-
-Nanomeasurements of red blood cells in microfluidic systems陳崇仁; Chen, Chung-Jen-
-Nanoscale Measurements of Human Erythrocytes with Atomic Force MicroscopyFeng-Chia Kuo; 郭豐嘉
-Optoelectronic Characteristics Of ZnO/TiO2 thin films on ITO Substrate by RF Magnetron SputteringChung-Hsun Wu; 吳忠訓
-Patterned Fabrication of Single ZnO Nanorods and Their Optoelectronical Measurementsyu, Chun-Wei; 游駿偉-
-Study of TiO2/ZnO thin films of photodiodeChun-Yi Wu; 吳俊毅
-Ultra-violet photoresponse of Mn doped ZnO nanowiresChih-Chuan Su; 蘇志川
-β-氧化鎵奈米線電阻式隨機存取記憶體切換特性研究洪盈君; Ying-Jyun Hong
-二維奈米材料的結構與力學:石墨烯、矽烯與鉑矽化合物的研究周哲甫; Che-Fu Chou
-人造皮膚基材改良-原子力顯微鏡在奈米機械特性上的量測與應用Su, Hao-Wei; 蘇浩薇-
-以紙型酵素免疫連結吸附法檢測前房液中血管內皮生長因子之濃度許文馨; Hsu, Wen-Hsin-
-全新非機械性蛋白質奈米力學暨增強其機械力穩定度之驗證王建中; Wang, Chien-Chung-
-利用原子力顯微鏡量測正常人與第二型糖尿病 患紅血球的奈米機械特性趙佑叡; Chao, Yu-Jui-