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-Adsorption of trihalomethanes from water with carbon nanotubesLu, Chungsying; Chung, Yao-Lei; Chang, Kuan-Foo-
-Adsorption of zinc(II) from water with purified carbon nanotubesLu, Chungsying; Chiu, Huantsung-
-Adsorption, Desorption, and Thermodynamic Studies of CO2 with High-Amine-Loaded Multiwalled Carbon NanotubesSu, Fengsheng; Lu, Chungsying; Chen, Hung-Shih-
-Applying tabu search and simulated annealing to the optimal design of sewer networksYeh, Shung-Fu; Chu, Chien-Wei; Chang, Yao-Jen; Lin, Min-Der-
-Catalytic removal of NO and PAHs over AC-supported catalysts from incineration flue gas: Bench-scale and pilot-plant testsTseng, Hui-Hsin; Lu, Chi-Yuan; Chang, Feng-Yim; Wey, Ming-Yen; Cheng, Han-Tsung-
-Effect of particle agglomeration on heavy metals adsorption by Al- and Ca-based sorbents during fluidized bed incinerationKuo, Jia-Hong; Lin, Chiou-Liang; Wey, Ming-Yen-
-Effect of SBA-15 texture on the gas separation characteristics of SBA-15/polymer multilayer mixed matrix membraneWeng, Tzu-Hsiang; Tseng, Hui-Hsin; Wey, Ming-Yen-
-Emission of carbon dioxide in municipal solid waste incineration in Taiwan: A comparison with thermal power plantsKuo, Jia-Hong; Lin, Chiou-Liang; Chen, Jyh-Cherng; Tseng, Hui-Hsin; Wey, Ming-Yen-
-Fabrication and characterization of PPO/PVP blend carbon molecular sieve membranes for H2/N2 and H2/CH4 separationItta, Arun Kumar; Tseng, Hui-Hsin; Wey, Ming-Yen-
-Feasibility study of ultraviolet activated persulfate oxidation of phenolLin, Ya-Ting; Liang, Chenju; Chen, Jiun-Hua-
-Fermentative hydrogen production from starch using natural mixed culturesLin, Chiu-Yue; Chang, Chao-Chi; Hung, Chun-Hsiung-
-Interactions between Clostridium sp. and other facultative anaerobes in a self-formed granular sludge hydrogen-producing bioreactorHung, Chun-Hsiung; Cheng, Chin-Hung; Guan, Di-Wei; Wang, Shu-Ting; Hsu, Shu-Chuan; Liang, Chih-Ming; Lin, Chiu-Yue-
-Properties and H2 production ability of Pt photodeposited on the anatase phase transition of nitrogen-doped titanium dioxideHuang, Bing-Shun; Wey, Ming-Yen-
-Quantitative analysis of microorganism composition in a pilot-scale fermentative biohydrogen production systemCheng, Chin-Hung; Hsu, Shu-Chuan; Wu, Chun-Heng; Chang, Pei-Wen; Lin, Chiu-Yue; Hung, Chun-Hsiung-
-Removals of fly ash and NO in a fluidized-bed reactor with CuO/activated carbon catalystsRau, Jui-Yeh; Chen, Jyh-Cherng; Huang, Shih-Teng; Hung, Wen-Tsung; Wey, Ming-Yen-
-Sorption of divalent metal ions from aqueous solution by carbon nanotubes: A reviewRao, Gadupudi Purnachadra; Lu, Chungsying; Su, Fengsheng-
-Synthesis of granular activated carbon/zero valent iron composites for simultaneous adsorption/dechlorination of trichloroethyleneTseng, Hui-Hsin; Su, Jhih-Gang; Liang, Chenju-
-Temperature effects on fermentative hydrogen production from xylose using mixed anaerobic culturesLin, Chiu-Yue; Wu, Chein-Chung; Hung, Chun-Hsiung-
-Treatment of waste gas from the breather vent of a vertical fixed roof p-xylene storage tank by a trickle-bed air biofilterChang, Shenteng; Lu, Chungsying; Hsu, Shihchieh; Lai, How-Tsan; Shang, Wen-Lin; Chuang, Yeong-Song; Cho, Chi-Huang; Chen, Sheng-Han-