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-Analysis by virus induced gene silencing of the expression of two proline biosynthetic pathway genes in Nicotiana benthamiana under stress conditionsKu, Hsin-Mei; Hu, Chi-Chieh; Chang, Hui-Ju; Lin, Yu-Tsung; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Chen, Chien-Teh-
-Barcode-like heteroduplex DNA pattern as an aid for rapid identification of anthracnose fungiHuang, Tzu-Pi; Yeh, Ying; Tzeng, Dean Der-Syh-
-Distribution and genetic diversity of begomoviruses infecting tomato and pepper plants in the PhilippinesW.S.Tsai; S.L.Shih; S.G.Venkatesan; M.U.Aquino; S.K.Green; L.Kenyon; F.-J.Jan-
-First Report of Bidens mottle virus Infecting Calendula in TaiwanC.-H.Huang; F.-J.Jan-
-First Report of Carnation mottle virus in Phalaenopsis OrchidsY.-X.Zheng; C.-C.Chen; F.-J.Jan-
-Formation of highly branched hyphae by Colletotrichum acutatum within the fruit cuticles of Capsicum sppC.-Y.Liao; M.-Y.Chen; Y.-K.Chen; K.-C.Kuo; K.-R.Chung; M.-H.Lee
-Identification of the Solanum nigrum Extract Component Involved in Controlling Cabbage Black Leaf Spot DiseaseLin, Tsung-Chun; Fan, Mi-Chen; Wang, Sheng-Yang; Huang, Jenn-Wen-
-In Vitro Regeneration and Genetic Transformation of Cucumis metuliferus through Cotyledon OrganogenesisLin, Yu-Tsung; Lin, Chia-Wei; Chung, Chien-Hung; Su, Mei-Hsiu; Ho, Hsiu-Yin; Yeh, Shi-Dong; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Ku, Hsin-Mei-
-Mutations of beta-tubulin codon 198 or 200 indicate thiabendazole resistance among isolates of Penicillium digitatum collected from citrus in TaiwanLee, Miin-Huey; Pan, Shiah-Mei; Ng, Tieng-Wui; Chen, Po-Sheng; Wang, Li-Yuan; Chung, Kuang-Ren-
-A new 'forma specialis' of Fusarium solani causing leaf yellowing of PhalaenopsisW.C.Chung; L.W.Chen; J.H.Huang; H.C.Huang; W.H.Chung-
-Production of volatile substances by rhizomorphs of Marasmius crinisequi and its significance in natureH.J.Su; F.M.Thseng; J.S.Chen; Ko, Wen-Hsiung-
-Temporal distribution and pathogenicity of the predominant tomato-infecting begomoviruses in TaiwanW.S.Tsai; S.L.Shih; L.Kenyon; S.K.Green; F.-J.Jan-