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-A cocktail protocol with the Authentication and Key Agreement on the UMTSOu, H.H.; 黃明祥; Hwang, M.S.; Jan, J.K.-
-Efficient access control and key management schemes for mobile agentsLin, L.C.; Ou, H.H.; Hwang, M.S.-
-On the security of an enhanced UMTS authentication and key agreement protocolHwang, M.S.; Chong, S.K.; Ou, H.H.-
-A Provable Billing Protocol on the Current UMTSOu, H.H.; 黃明祥; Hwang, M.S.; Jan, J.K.-
-A simple mobile communication billing system among charged partiesOu, H.H.; Hwang, M.S.; Jan, J.K.-
-TK-AKA: using temporary key on Authentication and Key Agreement protocol on UMTS林詠章; Ou, H.H.; Lin, I.C.; Hwang, M.S.; Jan, J.K.-
-The UMTS-AKA Protocols for Intelligent Transportation SystemsOu, H.H.; 黃明祥; Hwang, M.S.; Jan, J.K.-
-A user authentication system using back-propagation networkLin, I.C.; 林詠章; Ou, H.H.; Hwang, M.S.-