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-Conversion of the genic male sterility (GMS) system of bell pepper (Capsicum annuumL.) to cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS)Mulyantoro, null; Ou, Shang-Ling; Chen, Shu-Yun; Liu, Szu-Chien; Lo, Tzu-Chuan; Wahyono, Andi; Chen, Sz-Yun; Ku, Hsin-Mei-
-ERF73/HRE1 is involved in H2O2 production via hypoxia-inducible Rboh gene expression in hypoxia signalingYang, Chin-Ying; Huang, Yi-Chun; Ou, Shang-Ling-
-Forecasting agricultural output with an improved grey forecasting model based on the genetic algorithmOu, Shang-Ling-
-Using a genetic algorithm-based RAROC model for the performance and persistence of the fundsOu, Shang-Ling; Liu, Li-yu Daisy; Ou, Yih-Chang