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-Analysis of the Thickness Effect of Undoped Electron-Blocking Layer in Ultraviolet LEDsLin, Wen-Yu; Wang, Tzu-Yu; Liang, Jia-Hao; Ou, Sin-Liang; Wuu, Dong-Sing-
-Direct growth of large grain polycrystalline silicon films on aluminum-induced crystallization seed layer using hot-wire chemical vapor depositionWu, Bing-Rui; Lo, Shih-Yung; Wuu, Dong-Sing; Ou, Sin-Liang; Mao, Hsin-Yuan; Wang, Jui-Hao; Horng, Ray-Hua-
-GaN Epilayer Grown on Ga2O3 Sacrificial Layer for Chemical Lift-Off ApplicationTsai, Tsung-Yen; Horng, Ray-Hua; Wuu, Dong-Sing; Ou, Sin-Liang; Hung, Ming-Tsung; Hsueh, Hsu-Hung-
-Hot-wire chemical vapor deposition and characterization of p-type nanocrystalline Si films for thin film photovoltaic applicationsMao, Hsin-Yuan; Lo, Shih-Yung; Wuu, Dong-Sing; Wu, Bing-Rui; Ou, Sin-Liang; Hsieh, Hsin-Yu; Horng, Ray-Hua-
-Improved GaN-on-Si epitaxial quality by incorporating various SixNy interlayer structuresWang, Tzu-Yu; Ou, Sin-Liang; Horng, Ray-Hua; Wuu, Dong-Sing-
-Improved Performance of 365-nm LEDs by Inserting an Un-Doped Electron-Blocking LayerLin, Wen-Yu; Wang, Tzu-Yu; Ou, Sin-Liang; Liang, Jia-Hao; Wuu, Dong-Sing-
-Improvement in separation rate of epitaxial lift-off by hydrophilic solvent for GaAs solar cell applicationsWu, Fan-Lei; Ou, Sin-Liang; Horng, Ray-Hua; Kao, Yu-Cheng-
-MOCVD Growth of GaN on Sapphire Using a Ga2O3 InterlayerTsai, Tsung-Yen; Ou, Sin-Liang; Hung, Ming-Tsung; Wuu, Dong-Sing; Horng, Ray-Hua-
-Performance of GaN-based light-emitting diodes fabricated using GaN epilayers grown on silicon substratesHorng, Ray-Hua; Wu, Bing-Rui; Tien, Ching-Ho; Ou, Sin-Liang; Yang, Min-Hao; Kuo, Hao-Chung; Wuu, Dong-Sing-
-Structural and Stress Properties of AlGaN Epilayers Grown on AlN-Nanopatterned Sapphire Templates by Hydride Vapor Phase EpitaxyTasi, Chi-Tsung; Wang, Wei-Kai; Ou, Sin-Liang; Huang, Shih-Yung; Horng, Ray-Hua; Wuu, Dong-Sing; 武東星
-Structural, Surface Morphology and Optical Properties of ZnS Films by Chemical Bath Deposition at Various Zn/S Molar RatiosYu, Fei-Peng; Ou, Sin-Liang; Yao, Pin-Chuan; Wu, Bing-Rui; Wuu, Dong-Sing
-Surface Modification on Wet-Etched Patterned Sapphire Substrates Using Plasma Treatments for Improved GaN Crystal Quality and LED PerformanceShen, Kun-Ching; Wuu, Dong-Sing; Shen, Chun-Cheng; Ou, Sin-Liang; Horng, Ray-Hua-
-Texture-Etched SnO2 Glasses Applied to Silicon Thin-Film Solar CellsWu, Bing-Rui; Ou, Sin-Liang; Lo, Shih-Yung; Mao, Hsin-Yuan; Yang, Jhen-Yu; Wuu, Dong-Sing
-Transparent conductive oxide films embedded with plasmonic nanostructure for light-emitting diode applicationsChuang, Shih-Hao; Tsung, Cheng-Sheng; Chen, Ching-Ho; Ou, Sin-Liang; Horng, Ray-Hua; Lin, Cheng-Yi; Wuu, Dong-Sing-
-Tunability of p- and n-channel TiOx thin film transistorsPeng, Wu-Chang; Chen, Yao-Ching; He, Ju-Liang; Ou, Sin-Liang; Horng, Ray-Hua; Wuu, Dong-Sing; 武東星