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-Anode engineering for photocurrent enhancement in a polymer solar cell and applied on plastic substrateTsai, H.W.; 裴靜偉; Pei, Z.W.; Chen, C.C.; Cheng, S.J.; Hsieh, W.S.; Li, P.W.; Chan, Y.J.-
-Artificial electrical dipole in polymer multilayers for nonvolatile thin film transistor memoryChang, C.C.; 裴靜偉; Pei, Z.W.; Chan, Y.J.-
-A conductor/insulator/conductor complex layer at anode for current Enhancement in a Polymer Solar CellTsai, H.W.; 裴靜偉; Pei, Z.W.; Chan, Y.J.-
-A conductor/insulator/semiconductor polymer solar cell by an ultra-thin polymer insulatorTsai, H.W.; 裴靜偉; Pei, Z.W.; Huang, T.H.; Li, P.W.; Chan, Y.J.-
-Effect of oxygen partial pressure on electrical characteristics of amorphous indium gallium zinc oxide thin-film transistors fabricated by thermal annealingChiu, C.J.; 張書通; Pei, Z.W.; Chang, S.T.; Chang, S.P.; Chang, S.J.; 裴靜偉-
-Enhanced P3HT OTFT Transport Performance Using Double Gate Modulation SchemeLo, P.Y.; 裴靜偉; Li, P.W.; Pei, Z.W.; Hou, J.; Chan, Y.J.-
-Extensive Leakage Current Reduction in Polymer Dielectric Thin Film by Metal Nanoparticles Incorporation for Organic Thin Film TransistorHuang, T.H.; 裴靜偉; Pei, Z.W.-
-High-frequency polymer diode rectifiers for flexible wireless power-transmission sheetsLin, C.Y.; Tsai, C.H.; Lin, H.T.; Chang, L.C.; Yeh, Y.H.; Pei, Z.W.; Peng, Y.R.; Wu, C.C.-
-Investigating carrier transport paths in organic nonvolatile bistable memory by optical beam induced resistance changeLin, H.T.; Lin, C.Y.; Pei, Z.W.; Chen, J.R.; Chan, Y.J.; Yeh, Y.H.; Wu, C.C.-
-A Modified Block Copolymer Nano-Patterning Method for High Density Sub-30 nm Polystyrene Nanosphere and Gold Nanomesh FormationThiyagu, S.; Pei, Z.W.; Ho, M.W.; Cheng, S.J.; Hsieh, W.S.; Lin, Y.Y.-
-A new nonvolatile bistable polymer-nanoparticle memory deviceLin, H.T.; 裴靜偉; Pei, Z.W.; Chen, J.R.; Hwang, G.W.; Fan, J.F.; Chan, Y.J.-
-Numerical Simulation on the Photovoltaic Behavior of an Amorphous-Silicon Nanowire-Array Solar CellPei, Z.W.; 張書通; Chang, S.T.; Liu, C.W.; Chen, Y.C.; 裴靜偉-
-Simulation of nanorod structures for an amorphous silicon-based solar cellTang, M.; 張書通; Chang, S.T.; Chen, T.C.; Pei, Z.W.; Wang, W.C.; Huang, J.; 裴靜偉-
-Stable polymer dielectric film for polythiophene thin film transistor on modified poly(vinyl-phenol) with polar functional groupLo, P.Y.; 裴靜偉; Pei, Z.W.; Yang, F.Y.; Peng, Y.R.; Lin, Y.C.; Chan, Y.J.-
-Temperature-dependent ultra-thin polymer layer for low voltage organic thin-film transistorsHuang, T.H.; 裴靜偉; Huang, H.C.; Pei, Z.W.-
-A UV-Erasable Stacked Diode-Switch Organic Nonvolatile Bistable Memory on Plastic SubstratesLin, H.T.; 裴靜偉; Pei, Z.W.; Chen, J.R.; Chan, Y.J.-