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-Extracellular Expression of a Recombinant Ganoderma lucidium Immunomodulatory Protein by Food-Grade Lactococcus lactis SystemYeh, C.M.; 葉娟美; Yeh, C.K.; Peng, H.J.; Haung, X.H.; Peng, G.Z.-
-A micromachined microwave switch fabricated by the complementary metal oxide semiconductor post-process of etching silicon dioxideDai, C.L.; 戴慶良; Peng, H.J.; Liu, M.C.; Wu, C.C.; Hsu, H.M.; Yang, L.J.-
-Production of a Recombinant Type 1 Antifreeze Protein Analogue by L. lactis and Its Applications on Frozen Meat and Frozen DoughYeh, C.M.; 葉娟美; Kao, B.Y.; Peng, H.J.-