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-Magnesium complexes containing bis-amido-oxazolinate ligands as efficient catalysts for ring opening polymerisation of L-lactideChen, M.T.; 陳繼添; Chang, P.J.; Huang, C.A.; Peng, K.F.; Chen, C.T.-
-Palladacycles bearing pendant benzamidinate ligands as catalysts for the Suzuki and Heck coupling reactionsWu, K.M.; 陳繼添; Huang, C.A.; Peng, K.F.; Chen, C.T.-
-Palladacycles bearing tridentate CNS-type benzamidinate ligands as catalysts for cross-coupling reactionsWang, W.C.; Peng, K.F.; Chen, M.T.; Chen, C.T.-
-Syntheses, characterization and catalytic application of palladacycles containing phosphane or phosphane oxide functionalitiesPeng, K.F.; 陳繼添; Chen, M.T.; Huang, C.A.; Chen, C.T.-
-Synthesis and catalytic application of aluminium anilido-pyrazolate complexesPeng, K.F.; 陳繼添; Chen, C.T.-
-Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Application of Aluminum Anilido-Oxazolinate ComplexesChen, C.T.; 陳繼添; Weng, H.J.; Chen, M.T.; Huang, C.A.; Peng, K.F.-
-Zinc anilido-oxazolinate complexes as initiators for ring opening polymerizationChen, C.T.; 陳繼添; Chan, C.Y.; Huang, C.A.; Chen, M.T.; Peng, K.F.-