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-A tristable compliant micromechanism with two serially connected bistable mechanismsWang, Dung-An; Chen, Jyun-Hua; Pham, Huy-Tuan-
-A constant-force bistable mechanism for force regulation and overload protectionPham, Huy-Tuan; Wang, Dung-An-
-Electromagnetic energy harvesting from vibrations induced by K�rm�n vortex streetWang, Dung-An; Chiu, Chun-Yuan; Pham, Huy-Tuan-
-A quadristable compliant mechanism with a bistable structure embedded in a surrounding beam structurePham, Huy-Tuan; Wang, Dung-An-
-多穩態撓性機構之設計與分析范輝遵; Pham, Huy-Tuan-
-應用於微組裝之振動致動之雙穩態機構范輝遵; Pham, Huy-Tuan-