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-Automatic classification for solitary pulmonary nodule in CT image by fractal analysis based on fractional Brownian motion model-
-A Data-Hiding Scheme for Binary Images with Content-Based Hiding RatesPhen-Lan Lin; P.W. Huang-
-A Decision Tree Approach for Classification of White Blood Cells Based on Image FeaturesP.W. Huang; Y.C. Hsu; Phen-Lan Lin; S.K. Dai
-A Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Image Authentication with Localization and RecoveryPhen-Lan Lin; P.W. Huang; An-Wei Peng
-Hierarchical Watermarking Scheme for Image Authentication and RecoveryPhen-Lan Lin; Chung-Kai Hseih; P.W. Huang
-(Journal of Visual Languages and Computing,19:637-651)Spatial Inference and Similarity Retrieval of an Image Database System Based on Object's Spanning RepresentationP.W. Huang; Lipin Hsu; Yan-Wei Su; Phen-Lan Lin
-A Novel Block-Wise Watermarking for Digital Image Authentication and RecoveryP.W. Huang; Li-Tong Wong; Phen-Lan Lin-
-(Pattern Recoginition,38:2519-2529)A Hierarchical Digital Watermarking Method for Image Tamper Detection and RecoveryPhen-Lan Lin; Chung-Kai Hsieh; P.W. Huang
-VQ Attack Resilient and Tamper Proofing Digital Watermark for Image Authentication and RecoveryP.W. Huang; An-Wei Peng; Phen-Lan Lin
-(WSEAS Trans. on Signal Processing,02(5):718-725)Black-Complexity Based Information Hiding Scheme for Binary ImagesPhen-Lan Lin; P.W. Huang-
-以參數化區塊奇異值分解做壓縮和去除雜訊莊佳芸; Chuang, Chia-Yun-
-利用區塊特徵群集達成多功能數位影像之驗證及回復翁利同 ; Wong, Li-Tong -
-利用拓撲關係從大型空間資料庫中快速擷取物件之方法田婉慧; Tien, Wan-Hui-
-即時多人臉辨識之影像資料庫系統林俊傑; Lin, Chun-Chieh-
-影像處理技術於土石流流速判釋之可行性研究-以神木觀測示範站為例柯秀宜 ; Ko, Hsiu-Yi -
-應用於影像驗證及回復的階層式浮水印機制謝仲凱 ; Hsieh , Chung-Kai -
-提升 QR Code條碼在光線不均勻以及圖片變形下的正確辨識率黃家晟; Huang, Chia-Cheng-
-易碎浮水印的影像驗證與回復彭安偉 ; Peng, An-Wei -