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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-(5th Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM'04):647-654)Performance Improvement of Vector Quantization by Using ThresholdHung-Yi Chang; Pi-Chung Wang ; Rong-Chang Chen; Shuo-Cheng Hu-
-(6th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT'04):883-887)Fast Hierarchical FLP Model for VoD Server DeploymentZu-Beng Sun; Pi-Chung Wang ; Chia-Tai Chan; Chun-Liang Lee-
-(7th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT'05):456-461)Performance Enhancement of XCP for High Bandwidth-Delay Product NetworksYuan-Rung Yang; Chia-Tai Chan; Pi-Chung Wang ; Yaw-Chung Chen-
-Adaptive Replication for Mobile Edge ComputingWan-Chi Chang; Pi-Chung Wang; 王丕中
-(Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Challenges for Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing Workshop (AUPC'08):009-014)Service Discovery Based on Anycasting in Mobile Ad-hoc NetworksShyr-Kuen Cheng; Pi-Chung Wang ; Tung-Shou Chen-
-The Challenges and Opportunities Come With VoIP王丕中 -
-(Computer Communications,23(14-15):1389-1399)An Intelligent Buffer Management Approach for GFR services in IP/ATM InternetworksPi-Chung Wang ; Chia-Tai Chan; Yaw-Chung Chen-
-(Computer Communications,25(3):303-312)High-Performance IP Routing Table LookupPi-Chung Wang ; Chia-Tai Chan; Yaw-Chung Chen-
-(Computer Communications,26(14):1681-1692)High-Performance IP Forwarding with Efficient Routing-Table UpdateChia-Tai Chan; Pi-Chung Wang ; Shuo-Cheng Hu; Chung-Liang Lee; Rong-Chang Chen-
-(Computer Networks,38(5):645-662)An Efficient Traffic Control Scheme for TCP over ATM GFR ServicesChia-Tai Chan; Pi-Chung Wang ; Yaw-Chung Chen-
-(Computer Science Research Trends:001-057)ch1 Progress in IP Packet Forwarding ResearchPi-Chung Wang 
-An efficient location forwarding with shortcut scheme for position-based routing in mobile ad-hoc networks-
-Fast Packet Classification Using A Series of Length-reduction Methods王丕中 -
-GEM應用實現半導體測試設備自動化林喬楷; Lin, Chiao-Kai-
-Hardware Implementation of A Power Efficient Huffman DecodingPi-Chung Wang ; Chun-Liang Lee; Hung-Yi Chang; Rong-Chang Chen-
-High Speed Packet Classification王丕中 -
-(IASTED International Conference on Circuits,Signals and Systems (CSS'07):064-069)Scalable Packet Classification for Network Intrusion DetectionPi-Chung Wang -
-(IASTED International Conference on Circuits,Signals and Systems (CSS'07):131-135)An Efficient Algorithm of Huffman Decoder with Nearly Constant Decoding TimePi-Chung Wang ; Hung-Yi Chang; Chun-Liang Lee-
-(IEE Proceedings Communications,152(2):172-176)An Efficient Entry-Reduction Algorithm for TCAM-based IP Forwarding EnginePi-Chung Wang ; Chia-Tai Chan; Rong-Chang Chen; Hung-Yi Chang-
-(IEEE Communications Letters,04(6):205-207)A FIFO-based Buffer Management Approach for the ATM GFR ServicesChia-Tai Chan; S.C. Hu; Pi-Chung Wang ; Yaw-Chung Chen-