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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Analysis of surface water flow over multi-layered soils林彥廸; Yen-Ti Lin
-An Analytical Solution for Horizontal or Slanted Wells in Confined Aquifers near a Stream鄒佩蓉; Tsou, Pei-Rong-
-Analytical Solution to Uniform Flow over a Porous Plane with Downward SuctionPing-Cheng Hsieh; Pei-Yuan Hsu; Yen-Ti Lin-
-A Direct Analytical Approach for Solving Surface and Subsurface Water Flow on a HillslopePing-Cheng Hsieh; Ching-Ya Tang; Siou-Yi Hu
-Direct Analytical Solution of TurbulentSurface Water Flow on a Slope-
-Dynamic Analysis of Vegetated Water FlowsChin-Ya Tang; Ping-Cheng Hsieh-
-Dynamic Responses of a Channel BedWen-Po Hsieh; 謝文博; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; 謝平城
-Effects of Rainfall and Infiltration on Slope StabilityWang, Han-Wei; 王瀚衛-
-FLO-2D 與HEC-GeoRAS 應用於敏督利颱風造成南湖溪淹水之模擬湯嘉芸; Chia-Yun Tang; 謝平城; 林俐玲; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; Li-Ling Lin
-Forecasting Typhoon Rainfall and Groundwater Level by Artificial Neural Network and Multiple Regression Analysis童偉安; Wei-An Tong
-Groundwater level analysis of vertical soil stratificationPin-Chen Lee; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; 李品臻; 謝平城
-Groundwater response to tidal fluctuation and rainfall in a coastal aquiferPing-Cheng Hsieh; Hsiao-Ting Hsu; a , Ching Biao Liao; Pei-Te Chiueh
-Groundwater Response to Tidal Fluctuation and Rainfall in an Unconfined Sloping Aquifer徐筱婷; 謝平城; Hsiao-Ting Hsu; Ping-Cheng Hsieh
-Groundwater transport analysis contaminated with landfill leachateKai-Ju Chang; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; 張凱茹; 謝平城
-HEC-RAS 模式應用於山坡地水理分析合適性之探討謝平成; Ping-Cheng Hsieh
-Hydraulic analysis of a 2-D water flow down a slope徐培原; Pei-Yuan Hsu
-Hydraulic Analysis of Flow Passing Vegetative Ground許煜聖; Shiu, Yu-Sheng-
-Hydraulic analysis of overland flowDing-you Wang; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; 王鼎佑; 謝平城
-Hydraulic Analysis of Water Flow in a Closed Conduit with SuctionPei-Yuan Hsu; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; 徐培原; 謝平城
-A semi-analytical solution of surface flow and subsurface flow on aslope land under a uniform rainfall excess-