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-Automated high-dimensional flow cytometric data analysisPyne, S.; 林宗儀; Hu, X.L.; Wang, K.; Rossin, E.; Lin, T.I.; Maier, L.M.; Baecher-Allan, C.; McLachlan, G.J.; Tamayo, P.; Hafler, D.A.; De Jager, P.L.; Mesirov, J.P.-
-A framework for analytical characterization of monoclonal antibodies based on reactivity profiles in different tissuesRossin, E.; 林宗儀; Lin, T.I.; Ho, H.J.; Mentzer, S.J.; Pyne, S.-
-Maximum likelihood inference for mixtures of skew Student-t-normal distributions through practical EM-type algorithmsHo, H.J.; Pyne, S.; Lin, T.I.-
-Parametric modeling of cellular state transitions as measured with flow cytometryHo, H.J.; Lin, T.I.; Chang, H.H.; Haase, S.B.; Huang, S.; Pyne, S.-